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Cheongsam is the Cantonese term for the traditional women’s dress worn by the Chinese. This long dress is also known as the Qipao in Mandarin. The cheongsam is one of the most popular traditional Chainese clothes that are worn by many even today. It is often formed fitting in design, tight at the waist, long or short sleeved, with slits on both sides, and has a high mandarin collar. It is usually made of cotton and silk and other popular fabrics.

Considerations When Buying a Cheongsam

  1. Formal versus informal. Determine the kind of event you are attending to get the right design and not appear under or overdressed. Though the cheongsam was originally meant for everyday wear, the more modern design makes it more appropriate for formal of special occasions only. Since some cheongsams are designed with sexy cuts and refinements, these became an ideal apparel at social functions where women wish to achieve a more feminine and striking look.
  2. Silk versus linen versus cotton. Our cheongsams are made of silk but there are also those made of linen and cotton for a more informal outfit. For a formal and more elegant look, we also have a variety of designs that come in rich brocades designed with heavy embroidery.
  3. Short versus long cheongsam. Cheongsams that are knee length or come in mini skirt designs are usually used for casual or informal events while floor length cheongsams are more fitting for a formal occasion.
  4. Sleeveless versus cap sleeves versus wrist length sleeves. The design of the sleeves usually depends on the preference of the customer and can be affected by the selected overall design of the cheongsam. Our cheongsam designers and tailors do not just look at the chosen design but also the fit and overall appeal of the cheongsam so you will find one that will truly complement your silhouette while you remain confident and comfortable.
  5. Cheongsams with or without slits. The slits in cheongsams are there to make walking easier for the person who will wear the dress. However, you have to determine how much skin are you comfortable about exposing or showing through the slit of your cheongsam. You can easily discuss this with our tailors so we can personalize your cheongsam and make it more convenient and easier to wear.

If this is your first time to buy a cheongsam or wanting to find a more revolutionary cheongsam provider, our online shop is the most convenient that you will find in Singapore. Many design choices are found in our collection so you are sure to find one that will fit your preferences. Call us today so we can assist you in picking or customizing the ideal cheongsam!