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The cheongsam is a dress that comes with a rich history. It was first used as a long dress by the Chinese women belonging to the Qing dynasty. At that time, the cheongsam, also called as the qipao, covers the women from head to toe. Even the arms were covered due to the long sleeves.

The year 1920s marked the changes of the design in the traditional cheongsam. With influences traced to the Western and Beijing fashion styles, the birth of the contemporary and form fitting cheongsam transpired in Shanghai. It became shorter and focused more on complimenting the female figure so it will be emphasized. Since then, the cheongsam proved that it is a fashion piece that evolves with time to suit the needs of its wearers.

Cheongsam: Still a Hot Fashion Piece

  • In business. Do you know that the cheongsam became a formal uniform for women? You probably saw waitresses at Chinese restaurants wearing clothes that are floor length, brightly colored, have closed collars, Chinese embroideries, and have sleeves that are either short or medium in length. The Chinese dress that they are wearing is the modern version of the cheongsam. The cheongsam is not confined to land as airline companies found in Taiwan and Mainland China also use the cheongsam as the official uniform used by their stewardess.
  • In diplomatic occasions and special events. Most Chinese diplomat wives wear a cheongsam to attend diplomatic events. The cheongsam is after all a representation of Chinese beauty and health so it also used at parties celebrating the full moon, New Year, birthdays, and festivals. Even during the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing, the medal bearers sported cheongsams made in white silk, designed with short sleeves, and complemented with an embroidered green shawl.
  • In weddings. Though the cheongsam was mostly used for traditional and formal weddings to bring a flair of Chinese culture into the occasion, contemporary brides have also been using the cheongsam as a wedding gown due to its elegant design. Most cheongsams worn at weddings are in red and embellished with embroideries of the symbols of the phoenix and the golden dragon as these are believed to usher in good luck to the newly married couple.

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